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Awak­en­ing Spirit’s mis­sion is to effec­tively assist
peo­ple in heal­ing their body, mind and spirit
through the use of aromatherapy.

Spa experienceWe ask you to indulge your­self with a lux­u­ri­ous in-home “spa expe­ri­ence” to enhance the qual­ity of your life. Awak­en­ing Spirit intends to become inter­na­tion­ally rec­og­nized as offer­ing vit­a­min enriched, spa qual­ity body care prod­ucts using all nat­ural and organic ingre­di­ents to our cus­tomers at afford­able prices. We strive to be respon­si­ble to our cus­tomers, stake­hold­ers and staff, as well as to the com­mu­ni­ties of peo­ple we serve and to the nat­ural envi­ron­ment in which we operate.

Scents shown with a picture of flowersWhen you choose Awak­en­ing Spirit prod­ucts, rest assured that every prod­uct is made with the finest all-natural ingre­di­ents avail­able. All of our prod­ucts are non-toxic and guar­an­teed to work.

Sci­en­tific stud­ies (spon­sored by major uni­ver­si­ties the world over) prove that cer­tain scents can help you to feel bet­ter. Often, mem­o­ries of scents help to restore health — like your favorite nature scene with the birds, flow­ers and trees can help you relax and restore your nat­ural balance.

Kathleen Flanagan PortraitKath­leen Flana­gan
 is the cre­ator and founder of Awak­en­ing Spirit, Inc. Ms. Flana­gan is a cer­ti­fied aro­mather­a­pist and licensed estheti­cian, inspired to develop an all nat­ural method of stress reduc­tion and mood enhance­ment based upon her per­sonal expe­ri­ences with sinus infec­tions, migraine headaches and a host of com­pli­ca­tions to med­ica­tions pre­scribed to address these con­di­tions. The debil­i­tat­ing side effects of med­ica­tions almost robbed her of a pro­duc­tive life.

Con­ven­tional med­i­cine may have cre­ated Ms. Flanagan’s health prob­lems but the use of all nat­ural prod­ucts aided her body in a speedy recov­ery and made Ms. Flana­gan an avid believer in the devel­op­ment of a new level of all nat­ural prod­ucts. She threw out all chemical-based prod­ucts from her home; health, beauty, soap and clean­ing items. Pretty soon, she noticed some­thing: she started feel­ing bet­ter. A whole lot bet­ter. Her ill­ness showed her where her niche was in get­ting into the health prod­ucts field. She believes “we still need doc­tors but if peo­ple can use all nat­ural prod­uct alter­na­tives as part of their per­sonal pre­ven­tion strat­egy, then vis­it­ing a med­ical doc­tor will become less frequent.”

Ms. Flana­gan has been a cer­ti­fied aro­mather­a­pist since 1998 and is an expert in the cus­tom blend­ing of essen­tial oils. Ms. Flana­gan is a mem­ber of Green Prod­ucts Alliance and is expe­ri­enced in the devel­op­ment of all nat­ural prod­ucts across the cat­e­gories of stress, body care, and ther­a­peu­tic oils.

Since 1995, Ms. Flana­gan has devel­oped ther­a­peu­tic oils address­ing a vari­ety of ail­ments and prod­ucts cre­at­ing spe­cific mood enhance­ments. The Awak­en­ing Spirit line offers an all nat­ural approach to improve your dis­po­si­tion, relieve stress, increase self-confidence and cre­ate the con­di­tions to enjoy life through the sim­ple art of effec­tive relax­ation. An oasis from a hec­tic lifestyle, Kathleen’s all nat­ural prod­ucts cre­ate a sense of peace, stim­u­lat­ing the senses to tear away lev­els of stress and encour­age the relaxed state that is so impor­tant to the body to heal and re-energize.

A group shot of some Awakening Spirit Products

With Awak­en­ing Spirit, life is good!

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