Do You Know What Your Skin Needs? Part Three-2

skin_care_grpForms of Vit­a­min C

Vit­a­min C is the skin’s most impor­tant water-soluble vit­a­min. It pro­tects skin from envi­ron­men­tal stresses, sun dam­age and the causes of aging. The immune stim­u­lat­ing prop­er­ties are well doc­u­mented, and it helps improve der­mal blood sup­ply and may help improve skin pig­men­ta­tion. It is avail­able in sev­eral forms vary­ing in sta­bil­ity and effectiveness.

Ascor­bic Acid: water-soluble, anti-oxidant, stays on sur­face, poor pen­e­tra­tion, very poor sta­bil­ity, helps lighten skin and exfo­li­ate dead cells

Ascor­byl Palmi­tate: fat-soluble (lipophilic), deep pen­e­trat­ing, sooth­ing, soft­en­ing, mois­tur­iz­ing and heal­ing, best if used topically

Ascor­byl Tetraisopalmi­tate: fat-soluble (lipophilic), deep pen­e­trat­ing, very mois­tur­iz­ing, heal­ing and sooth­ing, improves skin pigmentation

Stim­u­la­tion – Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids stim­u­late and exfo­li­ate the skin. This process encour­ages fresh lay­ers to the sur­face and enhances skin tis­sue growth.

Nour­ish­ment – As these younger cells sur­face, top­i­cal nutri­ents, includ­ing vit­a­mins A, C, D, E, K and essen­tial fatty acids nour­ish and accel­er­ate the growth process.

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