Skin Care Ingredients-3

• Vitamin C stimulates collagen. It may improve skin pigmentation (balances the skin tone and helps to diminish brown spots), softens the skin, slows down the aging process and protects against sun damage.

• Vitamin E penetrates the skin and moisturizes from within. It aids in tissue repair and protects from environmental stress.

• Vitamin K helps with “bags” under the eyes as well as bruising, reduces spider veins, and helps support small blood vessels.

We put vitamins into our body to help our body receive the nutrients it needs. However, we neglect our skin. Our bodies are very toxic from our environment and those same vitamins never reach our skin. Therefore, by putting Vitamins A, C & E on your face, nourishes the skin and accelerates the skin growth process.

You will see improvement in your skin by using professional products that have active ingredients in them. Just remember, it took years to damage your skin and it will take time for it to improve. It is recommended that you visit an esthetician who can determine the condition of your skin and what products would work best for you. You will see the results if you maintain a healthy skin care regime.

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