Superbug Thrives on Antibotics

British Doc­tors fear ‘super­bug’ can elude, thrive on antibi­otics .… Asso­ci­ated Press London

Lon­don doc­tors fear they may have encoun­tered a new “super­bug” — a bac­terium that not only resists antibi­otics but thrives on them.

The bac­terium infected two post-operative patients at St. George’s Hos­pi­tal, and when treated with antibi­otics quickly adopted them as a vital part of its metab­o­lism, the patients’ doc­tors wrote in a let­ter pub­lished Fri­day, in the Lancet med­ical journal.

“Have we at last wit­nessed the emer­gence of a true super­bug?” the doc­tors asked.

The bac­terium — ente­ro­coc­cus fae­cium — caused fevers in the two patients, both men in their 60s who under­went surgery in the hos­pi­tal this year.

Doc­tors admin­is­tered the antibi­otic van­comycin, the stan­dard treat­ment. But within days, the men began resist­ing the antibi­otic, and then the bac­terium began to thrive.

Antibi­otics inhibit the con­struc­tion of cell walls in the tar­geted bac­terium. Those bac­te­r­ial that become resis­tant to antibi­otics suc­cess­fully syn­the­sized “bypass enzymes” to build the cell walls.

In this case the bac­terium appar­ently relied on the antibi­otic to syn­the­size the enzymes. The doc­tors switched to another antibi­otic, and the patients recovered.

“Resistence to antibi­otics is a grow­ing prob­lem all over the world,” said Ian Eltring­ham of the hospital’s depart­ment of med­ical micro­bi­ol­ogy. “But here we have a bug that has taken the ulti­mate evo­lu­tion­ary step by actu­ally becom­ing depen­dent on an antibiotic.”

Enter Essen­tial Oils

Essen­tial oils are the heal­ing life-force of plants. They con­tain vir­tu­ally all of the plants heal­ing nutri­ents, oxy­genat­ing mol­e­cules, amino acid pre­cur­sors, coen­zyme A fac­tors, trace min­er­als, enzymes, vit­a­mins, hor­mones and more. That is why a grow­ing num­ber of health pro­fes­sion­als con­sider essen­tial oils to be med­i­cine.… A med­i­cine no know pathogen can survive.

Dr. Jean Valent, a well known French med­ical researcher points out that the essen­tial oil from thyme lit­er­ally destroys the anthrax bacil­lus, the glan­ders bacil­lus, staphy­lo­coc­cus, the diph­the­ria bacil­lus, meningococcus, and Kock’s bacil­lus, which is the bac­te­r­ial respon­si­ble for tuber­cu­lous lesions.

Dr. Val­net adds that the works of Morel and Rochaix have demon­strated the vapors of lemon oil alone will neu­tral­ize the typus bacil­lus and staphy­lo­coc­cus in only five min­utes and the diph­the­ria bacil­lus in just twenty minutes.

More­over, infec­tious pathogens have yet to find a way to become resis­tant to essen­tial oils, as they do with antibi­otics. Dr. Valent states, “Infec­tious microbes do not appear to become accus­tomed to the essen­tial oils as they do to the many forms of treat­ment using antibi­otics. This is very impor­tant. Antibi­otics are cer­tainly pow­er­ful weapons, but they can be dan­ger­ous and are eas­ily and often mis­used. Indeed, quite apart from the abu­sive use of antibi­otics, the dra­matic increase recently in the resis­tance of path­o­genic microor­gan­isms to all types of antibi­otics, some­times even the lat­est ones, is well know. “(How­ever, we are find­ing that the effects of the same oils remain almost unchanged.…”

Recent test­ing in the U.S. has shown the essen­tial oil of clove, oregano and thyme to be even more pow­er­ful than peni­cillin, the med­ical community’s main­line defense for fight­ing these “strange” dis­eases. The results of this study will be soon pub­lished in a well known med­ical journal.

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