The Awakening Spirit Story

After three days, I was taken out of intensive care and put in a regular room. All I wanted to do was sleep and that was something you don’t do in a hospital. I finally asked my doctor to let me sleep. When I did wake I was swarmed with nurses to do whatever it is they were suppose to do. I was on oxygen that went through water to keep my throat moist. One night I woke up coughing, in the middle of night with my water bottle empty. I rang for the nurse and no one came. In the morning, I told the doctor what happened. I thought he didn’t care and yet when I rang for the nurse about my water being emptied later that day, their was no moss growing under their feet! I guess the doctor yelled at them! I was going to be discharged that day but ended up staying another day. When I finally went home, I slept for three days. I never woke. I had no idea I was that sick. It took several months before I recovered from that episode. I was placed on 500 mg of antibiotics for 30 days and 250 mg for an additional two weeks. I didn’t know it then but that was malpractice.

The antibiotics caused candida. Again, I didn’t know it until years later and my health was seriously impaired. I was in severe migraine headaches that lasted 2-3 days every week! I researched everything. I got rid of foods that caused headaches. I took herbs, took scalding hot showers, massages and nothing worked.

Kathleen Flanagan PortraitKathleen Flanagan, CEO and Founder of Awakening Spirit, Aromatherapist, Sound Therapist, Esthetician and Author.