The Art of Blend­ing with Kath­leen Flanagan

Essen­tial Oils are the life force of the plant.

They are sub­tle, volatile liq­uids dis­tilled from plants, shrubs, flow­ers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds con­tain­ing hormone-like prop­er­ties and nat­ural anti­sep­tics. Each oil has its own cura­tive power on the body and mind. Essen­tial oils are not oily, but are more like water. They are gen­er­ally trans­par­ent and can be var­i­ous col­ors. They are sol­u­ble in alco­hol, oils and fats, but not water. Essen­tial oils can have a shelf life up to six years. They con­tain oxy­genat­ing mol­e­cules which trans­port nutri­ents to the cells of the body. These mol­e­cules can help the body receive and assim­i­late nutri­ents to main­tain health.

Aro­mather­apy means to treat with aroma through inhala­tion. Aro­mather­apy is the ther­a­peu­tic use of essen­tial oils derived from aro­matic plants. The oils are highly con­cen­trated and rep­re­sent the blood and soul of the plant and is used through the sense of smell. Response to aroma has been proven to be as quick as one to three seconds.

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